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acupuncture articlesThere are countless high quality studies demonstrating the benefits of Acupuncture. The following is a list of a selected number of excellent studies and articles:

In a 2006 study in New Zealand it was found that by having Pre-birth Acupuncture there was: 

  1. 35% reduction in number of inductions
  2. 31% reduction in epidural rate
  3. 32% reduction in emergency Caesarians

Betts, D and  Lennox, S Acupuncture for Pre birth Treatment.. Journal of Medical Acupuncture. Vol. 17 #3 May 2006

A 1998 study in Italy showed that 75% of breech babies turn using Acupuncture between 33 and 36 weeks.
Cardini F Weixin H Moxibustion for correction of breech presentation: a randomized control trial. JAmA 1998 Nov11,280 (18): 1580-4


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