Sue Booth

B.H.Sc. TCM (UTS)  RN.  RM.

~Acupuncturist ~ Herbalist ~ Midwife ~

Bachelor of Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine (UTS), Registered Nurse, Registered Midwife.
Sue  has helped hundreds of women of all ages through through the myriad of health obstacles they face using her broad base of knowledge from both Western and Oriental  Medicine. Her expertise encompasses menstrual difficulties and menopause, the struggles and emotional turmoil of trying to get pregnant, and all the discomforts pregnancy can bring to help women obtain the birth outcomes they truly want.

Sue combines her extensive clinical knowledge of women’s reproductive, hormonal and other health issues with a compassionate and supportive approach to provide her clients with high quality, holistic natural healthcare.  Having worked within the Sydney hospital system for 25 years Sue is able to give her patients a  balanced well researched treatment as primary care or as an adjunct to ongoing medical treatment.

Obstetricians and midwives from many of Sydney’s major hospitals refer patients to Sue for balanced and professional treatment to assist with their ante-natal preparation.